Sunday, September 20, 2009

Your subconscious, there on the periphery . . .

Fascinating series of posts lately on The Landscapist Blog, courtesy of Aaron Hobson, SOL (Son of Landscapist) investigating among other things: the subconscious elements that 'come out' upon viewing our photographs. He asks questions like: Do you preplan images? Do you storyboard? Have you noticed any elements in your photographs that were placed there subconciously?

From Aaron Hobson's "dreams of end days" series

In the earlier entries, Aaron also points to a handful of photographers who proved inspirations to him, all doing panoramic work, his brand of story-telling. The work of one in particular, Nuri Bilg Ceylan - in his series "cinemascopes" - is definitely worth a look or two.

Country road at dusk, by Nuri Bilg Ceylan

All this is doubly interesting in that Aaron's work came to our attention around the time his father Mark Hobson juried The Nocturnes Biennial in 2008, and was an early harbinger of our complete fascination with this genre of photography (and with its inevitable association with NPy - Night Photography). From this, the concept of The Panocturnists was borne - the exhibit, the Web site, the community. Enjoy your travels . . .

From The [not so] Daily Nocturne